Road trip: Adventureland

Marcus and I aren’t big on the whole theme park thing (except if you are referencing Wally World), but I couldn’t pass up a free trip to our local amusement park with my sis and bro-in-law this past weekend.

I went into it with low expectations considering Ev is still too small to ride most of the rollercoasters and water rides (RIP Log Ride). But I was shocked at how awesome he was while being strapped into the stroller for half a day, only getting out to get on a few kiddie rides. Homeboy loved it!

Adventureland 2015_1Adventureland 2015_2 Adventureland 2015_3

[round and around he goes: just watching the video makes me want to puke]

Adventureland 2015_4 Adventureland 2015_5Adventureland 2015_6 Adventureland 2015_8

[keep your arms and hands inside the ride at all times…]

Adventureland 2015_9

Adventureland has been around since we were kids and I definitely remember some of my trips there as a child. Since then, they’ve even added a water park portion (which we did not get to because of nap time) that I think we’ll check out in a couple of years. Definitely fun for the whole family.

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