An apple a day

Who needs a trip to an apple orchard when you have one in your front yard?

After moving into our house during the dead of winter last December we were happy to find out that we had apple trees this spring. And after months of waiting (me somewhat impatiently) we got to have a few friends over this weekend to do a little picking.

IMG_0979IMG_0976IMG_0970  IMG_0978  IMG_0980 IMG_1028

Don’t have apple trees in your yard? Here are a few local places where you can go pick your own peck.

Will’s Family Orchard   |   Center Grove Orchard   |   Berry Patch Farm

While Evie was napping on Sunday, I had time to whip up an apple pie (and an extra bag of filling to put in the freezer) and it turned out delicious! I used store bought crust since nap time is only so long, but found a great tutorial on how to make a lattice crust from the inspiring food blog, The Kitchn. I enjoyed my slice topped with vanilla ice cream in bed Sunday night while watching this flick and dreaming about our upcoming trip to France.
IMG_1023 IMG_1024IMG_1029  IMG_1031 IMG_1032

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  1. Apple tree in your yard?! Jealous!! 🙂

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