Hey, you remember when I made my 2015 resolutions? Yea, me neither. This is my attempt to start working on some of that list.

I have a bigger site redesign bubbling on the back burner, but for now I have updated my logo and finally created a separate Facebook page for my little side hobby a.k.a. Tomorrow’s To Dos. Hope you will head there to follow along on this crazy ride 🙂


Oh, and a little update on the rest of my resolutions:

  • I am SO looking forward to this concert date night in a couple of weeks!
  • I don’t know what I was waiting for, but I finally busted out my Clarisonic Mia that got packed away during the move. Definitely feeling like my skin is finally getting back to normal post-baby. Thanks a lot Ev.
  • I’m still searching for a local hand lettering class. If you know if one in the Des Moines area, please hook a sister up. If all else fails, I’ll head online for one of Mary Kate McDevitt’s online classes.
  • We are constantly trying to find time to share our home with others. I hosted a Stella & Dot Ladies Brunch earlier this spring and Camp Branstad (more on this later) is a few weeks away!
  • Cooking? Meh. My husband does such a great job at this. I do bake though. My recent fave was an out-of-this-world bundt cake.
  • I finished this book and am currently 3/4 through this one. My friend Molly leant it to me while I was pregnant with Everett. Whoops. Up next: All the Light We Cannot See.
  • Our garden is growing like crazy. We regularly bring in fresh lettuce for our dinner salads.
  • I have a mini Pocket Doodles pad that I plan on taking to work meetings. Just always forget it on my desk.
  • I’m all signed up for this 5k since I love me some Iowa sweet corn and we are new Adel residents. I am positive it’ll be 100 degrees that day. Ugh.

About tomorrowstodos

To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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