Mommy mind: he’s us

“Oh my goodness, he’s the spitting image of Marcus.”

“I see a little bit of you in him.”

“I actually think he looks like your dad when he was a little guy.”

These are just a few of the comments we have received since the day Everett was born. And while most days, I think he resembles Marcus, there are a few moments when I think I see a little bit of me in him.

However, it is in these intense moments of starring into my little boy’s eyes that I often find myself thinking about how Marcus and I created a life that is such a mixture of the both of us. For anyone who has kids I’m sure you can relate. It is such an overpowering feeling.

His fine, sandy blond hair. His dark hazel eyes. His chubby, droopy cheeks. We created this life. Everett is not only himself, he is us.


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