Love fest

I don’t need a holiday to remind me of how much love I have in my life, but every year I welcome Valentine’s Day with open arms.

I love getting my men little gifts for the special day and this year is no different. Evie will be getting two new books from the awesomely illustrated BabyLit collection (Sherlock and Huckleberry Finn), and my main squeeze will be the proud new owner of some pretty sweet camouflage socks. Nothing too crazy, but just enough to show both of them that they are always on my mind.

While I don’t expect anything in return, if you are someone who likes getting a little something special on Valentine’s Day (or are looking for a gift for one of those people), then here are a few great ideas.


locally-sourced lingerie //champagne card // chocolate //  lip scrub // card // candles

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