Obsessed: classic Christmas

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to Christmastime. White lights on everything and Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra for Christmas tunes.

With a busy holiday season underway coupled with settling into a new home, I have a feeling that this year I’m stuck just dreaming of a classic Christmas. But look out next year, our log home is going to be decked to the nines!


Plaid wrapping paper: I’m loving all things plaid this season and that theme tends to continue into my holiday decor – right down to the wrapping paper.

White Christmas: A holiday season is not complete for me without sitting down to watch this timeless classic. “It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snooooowwww.”

Fresh greenery: Team fresh vs. team fake – you know which one I’m on. I prefer fresh greenery to adorn my home each year. I always snag a few of these wreaths from Home Depot on Black Friday every year.

Johnson Brothers Friendly Village china: Mark my words, someday I will own my own holiday china. Until then, I’ll just lust after this gorgeous set. Don’t you think it would look perfect in our log home?

Festive pajamas: Every year I love to wake up on Christmas morning in a pair of holiday-esqe pajamas. This year I already broke them in during Everett’s birthday party. I snagged the pair from Marshall’s then had a local embroidery store monogram them for me. (This also makes for a great inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift.)

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1 Response to Obsessed: classic Christmas

  1. Anna Hudson says:

    My Mom owns that china! So cute.

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