If you just believe

“Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.”

This past weekend we celebrated Everett’s first birthday with a Polar Express themed gathering for our family.

Everett First Birthday_stripedstraws[i love paper straws]

Everett First Birthday_favors[party favors for evie’s cousins]

Everett First Birthday_homemadebaileys[breakfast isn’t complete without homemade bailey’s]

Everett First Birthday_cousinsandconductor[cousins and the conductor]

Everett First Birthday_poster[download poster PDF here]

Everett First Birthday_believebanner[believe banner from At Second Street]

Everett First Birthday_cake[pinterest inspiration coming to life]

Everett First Birthday_decorations[a beautiful background for a birthday party]

Everett First Birthday_hotchocolatebar[all the hot chocolate bar fixins’]

Everett First Birthday_ticketcookies[amazing cookies from Confections by Kelly]

Everett First Birthday_sled[evie’s first sled – personalized, of course]

Everett First Birthday_family[one big pajama party]

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