Not camera shy

It’s amazing what kind of connections you can make through your career path. Never would I ever think that I’d be working at a university in social media. That just never even crossed my mind when I was planning my future. But here I am.

I first met Anna when she ended up getting the position I had originally applied for at Des Moines University. Everything ended up working out and a month later I landed the job I have now which turned out to be a better fit for me. During her time at DMU, we collaborated on various projects between our two departments and I got to know her better. She is a delightful person who has an eye for beautiful things. So it came as no surprise to me when I heard that she is now starting up her own photography business (Facebook // Instagram).

After seeing some of her work, I asked if she wanted more experience with a younger clientele. Specifically, one that would challenge her in ways the others couldn’t. By not sitting still, crawling away, putting dirt in his month – you get the picture. She gladly accepted, and took some absolutely adorable photos of Everett. (Note: I had not intended to be in said photographs, but here I am in full mom glory, i.e. minimal makeup and greasy, pulled back hair.) Take a peek:

10342993_10102100190328710_1545076345186435632_n 10476556_10102100348965800_627943329435743155_o 10479672_10102100211491300_5185347374008891387_o 10658577_10102100240079010_3668443338559589506_o 10658851_10102100226576070_6777031155503888109_o 10661719_10102100196651040_8961486195928204648_o 10680126_10102100195852640_2591447359003401924_o 10711012_10102100210114060_1166469674083216752_n 10714582_10102100270852340_7682618163336380741_o

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