We bought a log cabin

Sorry for the radio silence the past week, but we were busy packing up our current home and dreaming of cozy nights by the fire in our NEW FUTURE HOME!

We are so incredibly excited about moving into this dream home sitting on almost 10 acres outside of the city. You best believe my interior design wheels are churning as I type. Here is a little sneak peek at the place:


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Yep, that is a legit log cabin. Be prepared to see more log-filled posts in the very near future! Until then, it’s off to the in-laws we go for a few months. Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to We bought a log cabin

  1. Nice! Super jealous of the 10 acres! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  2. kiley says:

    OH MY GOSH! Sorry I missed this! HOW COOL is this???? Fun fun fun family home – so excited for you guys!

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