All stitched up

What a perfect fall weekend we had!

Dinner with friends on Friday night, a Kegnancy party (yep, exactly what you think it’d be: keg + pregnancy + baby shower all rolled into one) on Saturday afternoon and a little outing to the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival on Sunday.

cat pumpkin[a little morning meow to go with my pumpkin spice latte]

IMG_4847[nothing like an old theater]

IMG_4845[it’s true]

IMG_4848[Cedar Bridge in Madison County]

I know I’m jumping the gun here, but with Baby B due at the beginning of December, I’m starting to pull together ideas for Christmas gifts. I put the wheels in motion for my co-workers gifts this weekend after snagging these great dish towels at IKEA.

Stitching onto any towel is super easy and I guarantee that anyone can do it! I usually print out the monogram/letter/image that I want to stitch and use a lightbox to transfer it to the cloth using a water erasable pen.

Ink transfer

After the outline is ready and the cloth is secured in the hoop, I use a simple back stitch to follow the entire pattern. In no time flat – you have a personalized gift!

stitched christmas towels

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3 Responses to All stitched up

  1. the towels look very similar to the stitched kitchen towels at anthro- your coworkers are very lucky!

  2. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Do you have an Ikea in DesMoines or did you order online Nicole?? Love what you are doing for your co-workers with the cute kitchen towels ~ you always come up with great ideas!!

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