It’s only Proper

I’m officially 32 weeks as of yesterday and here are a few things that I know:

32 weeks

1. Tying my shoes is quite difficult.
2. Our little guy loves the sound of his daddy’s voice.
3. I have very little self control around anything sweet.
4. He better be darn cute for all of the beauty sleep he is sucking away from his mom!

As the weeks go by and we get closer to his due date, I’m getting more and more excited to finally meet him. Now, question is, will he be punctual (like his mom) or fashionably late (like his dad)?

I never win anything – well, until now that is. I entered a contest over on the darling blog a sequin dress at breakfast for a pair of fabulous Joules wellies and WON!

Kiley, the owner of the blog, is actually a high school classmate of mine and is doing big things in Des Moines. Besides posting some of the cutest (and sparkliest – that’s a word, right?) outfits on her blog, she is the face of new pop-up shop, Proper. The store’s finely edited labels include classics such as Barbour, Baldwin and Clare Vivier. If you live or are visiting our great city anytime soon, put stopping by this shop on your to-do list.


Proper will be popping up over the next couple of months at the following locales:
The Fleming Building: 10/17-10/26
West Glen: 11/6-11/10
Eden: 11/30-12/8

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4 Responses to It’s only Proper

  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Looking so cute Nicole ~ grandma said “she looks so good!” “She must be feeling good.” Can’t believe how fast time is going ~ he’ll be here before we know it!!

  2. Congratulations Nicole! I wanted to say how beautiful you look! I am also so fascinated by Proper as I just recently read about and learned what a “pop-up” shop is. Would you friend like to be on a radio program? I have a friend who is looking for business news ideas to talk about on his show and I think people would be interested to learn more about pop-up shops. Let me know.

  3. thanks again for the kind words lady! hope to see you soon!!

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