Spice it up

I crammed so much into this past weekend that it is much easier for me to share it via photos:

Happy birthday Morgan[celebrated Mo’s birthday with Oreo Ice Cream Cake]

Coffee talk[caught up with a friend over a large latte]

early Holiday spirit[a little early holiday spirit poppin’ up at the mall]

Fall in full swing[snagged my favorite fall scents from none other than Wal-Mart]

new boots[new boots courtesy of DSW]

sunday friends[visitor for Sunday morning pancakes]

Sully cupcake[safari baby shower complete with a ‘Sully’ Scratch cupcake]

date night[taking advantage of a Sunday date night at 801 Chophouse]

What is a pregnant gal to do when she has a freezer bag full of uber ripe bananas and a craving for all things pumpkin? Find a recipe to combine both and make it ASAP.

Even the 100+ degree weather today can’t stop me from ushering in fall. I busted out the muffin tins and plan to whip up these hybrid pumpkin banana treats this week. Baby B is already jumping (and kicking) with excitement.

PumpkinBananaMuffins[pumpkin banana muffins from My Biscuits are Burning]

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