Morgie’s fall faves

It is nice when a three-day weekend actually feels like three whole days. While I kept pretty busy, I also managed a little downtime too.

Lakehouse Labor Day 2013Lakehouse Labor Day 2013[beautiful weekend at the lake house]

Little ladies eating breakfast[little ladies eating breakfast]

PSL for life[my first pumpkin spice latte of the season]

Karl's sleepy[Karl loved being lazy this weekend too]

Lazy Labor Day breakfast in bed[Labor Day morning breakfast in bed]

Today I thought I’d give a great big shout-out to my little sis, Morgan, who is celebrating her day of birth! And what better way to do such a thing then by having (ahem, making) her write a blog post of her own 🙂 Take it away Morgie!

Listen, I’m all for lounging at the pool with an iced cold bevie and a good book in hand, but this weather is just ridiculous. As soon as PSL (pumpkin spiced lattes, of course) are available at S-Bux and there are Halloween decorations in stores, I need fall to officially be here. It’s my favorite time of year – pumpkin everything, the best holidays, cozy sweaters and boots & plenty of crisp morning walks and drives to enjoy the changing of the leaves.

To will the cooler air just a little bit faster, I’ve been compiling some of my fall favorites in fashion, beauty & music. Take a peek:


FASHION: You really only need 3 new items every season: a pair of shoes, a purse & something that you know you shouldn’t buy but will somehow end up in your closet anyway. These things happen. Accept it.
1. The perfect pair of black pumps
2. This just seems like an obvious choice
3. Target/designer collabs are everything. Hoping I can snag this beaut before it flies off the shelves (FYI I’m not opposed to an elbow or two to make this happen)

BEAUTY: Keep. It. Simple.
1. A beauty staple, apparently. Can’t believe I haven’t purchased it yet. Changing that ASAP
2. Keep that skin looking radiant throughout the chillier months with this
3. May have already purchased this (in ‘Aria’) and I may need to get it in every color

MUSIC: A few artists that have been on repeat the past few weeks – some old, some new.
1. Bastille: you probably know ‘Pompeii’ but check out ‘Bad Blood (Live Piano Version)’ and ‘Flaws (Live Acoustic Version)’.
2. Otis Redding: anything and everything. All the time. Favorites include ‘Pain in My Heart’, ‘These Arms Of Mine’ and ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’ and…you get the picture.
3. Mumford & Sons: seeing them in 16 days, 31 minutes and 15 seconds…but who’s counting? ‘After The Storm’ will forever be my favorite.

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