What have you been up to

A few little updates for all of you on what has been going on around our house.

The bathroom remodels aren’t quite complete yet, as we’ve run into a little snag. When taking out the old 80s style light bars, we realized that the hole behind it wasn’t centered. This just isn’t going to cut it for my OCD self, so we are looking into other options.

Completed shower[we are loving our completed tiled shower]

I can’t make it past a kids clothing store without wanting to buy our little guy something. Here are a few of my recent (adorable) purchases:

cute boy clothes[darling outfits from Old Navy]

I’ve started to brainstorm and design my baby shower invitations. I know that isn’t really my job, but I like to be in control of everything. Think our little one will have that trait too?

Baby B shower invitation[two looks that I like]

I’ve been out-of-town a lot lately and I’m really looking forward to spending some time around the house the next few weeks. I have never ending piles of laundry and dust to tackle…

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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1 Response to What have you been up to

  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Love both the outfits and totally love the look of your shower ~ great job ~ well done!!!

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