H & oMg

Fresh off our trip from Milwaukee and what a great time we had. Here are a few highlights:

Branstad fam at Miller Park[Branstad fam takes the field at Miller Park]

Jelly Belly[me, my hunny and my belly at Jelly Belly]

Milwaukee Museum of Art[beautiful architecture at the Milwaukee Art Museum]

Milwaukee Public Market[all sorts of goodies at the Milwaukee Public Market]

NGA cheese[say cheese]

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet and are a shopaholic, you might have heard the news that broke out late last week: you can now shop H&M online!

Yes, their cost-conscious clothes are amazing, but what I’m freaking out about is their home collection. It’s definitely worth checking out. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

HMhome[pillow // storage // jars // teddy bear // hangers // blanket]

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