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Tag you’re it update: My previous post was so long and took forever to write that I decided to take a little break-ski from the blog this week. YIKES! That combined with the fact that it has been a rainy, dreary, drizzly mess the past couple of days hasn’t made me the most motivated person ever.

HouseofCards[I highly recommend House of Cards on Netflix. Kevin Spacey is crazy good.]

Man, am I happy that my work week is over. Things have been a little crazy lately and I could really use some much-needed down time. I have the day off tomorrow (yesssssss) so I plan on just relaxing for most of the day.

And to top off my fabulous Friday, we’ll be heading to dinner at my favorite Des Moines restaurant, Luna Bistro, to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. They just announced their new spring menu so I can’t wait to check it out!

MILs (mother-in-laws) can be hard to shop for sometimes, but I always enjoy a good challenge. Especially when it involves finding the perfect gift for a special someone. I’ve pulled together a few ideas for the MIL in your life:


[message board, throw, serving set, pitcher, candle, bud vase]

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