Deck the walls

Come on down update: While the giddiness of seeing The Price is Right live is surely not to wear off until after the show, I must find a way to get through the next few weeks without daydreaming of spinning the big wheel.

Tonight, I did just that in the form of hanging out with this cute kid:

bean and me[me and the Bean]

Her big girl room furniture comes on Friday, so Marcus and I were over tonight to help get things ready for its arrival. Of course when I say we, I mean Marcus helped tear up carpet and remove staples and I ate some pizza and came home to blog/watch West Wing (I’m almost done!). I can’t wait to set everything up and start the decorating process!

First up, I’d like to find some girly (but not too girly) art pieces for her walls. A while back, I came across an awesome illustrator on Etsy, Katie Vernon. I am obsessed with her work and think that one of her pieces would be a perfect fit in Sid’s new big girl room. What do you think?

[check out her work here & here, and blog here]

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