Oh this is ladies night

Staycation update: I checked a few things off of my staycation to-do list over the past few days. Check it out:

SmoRow latte date[catch up over latte at Smokey Row with Kiley from A Sequin Dress at Breakfast]

Stuffed pepper enchiladas[try a new recipeStuffed Pepper Enchiladas via LaaLoosh]

Tomorrow night I am heading over to my friend Valerie’s new house that she (+ her fiance) are doing a little reno work on. I love seeing old homes get a new lease on life and can’t wait to see what she is doing with hers.

I have known Val since high school and she has one of the coolest jobs around as an art teacher. She’s even more awesome because she’s a fellow blogger and writes about her experiences and projects over at Miss Arty Pants. And if that wasn’t enough, she even has her own Etsy shop, InValYoublesfeaturing all sorts of fabulous handmade accessories. I definitely suggest you check both out!

inVALyoubles[my fave pieces from InValYoubles]

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