Swedish chef

TGIF update: Three day weekends are ah-maze, but not so much when they go by so fast! My day off on Friday was spent with my sister and the Bean, and we had so much fun running around Des Moines.


Friday eve I met my main squeeze at The Cheese Shop for a little bubbly, vino and some seriously tasty cheese. This place gets packed, so we’ve found it is best to get there early. After we stuffed ourselves on cheese and bread, we ventured out to Bass Pro to do a little shopping. More so him than me…


After a workout on Saturday morning, we were off on a little northwestern drive to Panora, Iowa to check out a lake house and the scenery.

Lake Panorama

Sunday was pretty relaxing as I spent most of the day around the house catching up on laundry, watching The West Wing and working on a freelance project.

Karlshelping[Karl is such a great helper]

So much for keeping the ‘first Sunday of every month’ dinner resolution… looks like tomorrow is the day to take our wedding recipe card guest book out for another spin. The first recipe turned out so well that I just know I can pick another winner.

[Just a little hint as to what we’ll be making]

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