Lust list: H&M

To-do list Tuesday update: Over the last couple of days I designed the Scare-Us-Hill auction bid sheets and even started to create the event signage, but I have to admit that I got sidetracked by the revealing of the Target+ Neiman Marcus collaboration look book. After all this hype, I was a little underwhelmed by most of the products. If I decide to shell out some benjamins (and am able to get my hands on them in store without hurting anyone) I think I will go for one of the following items:


Carolina Herrera for Target+Neiman Marcus, Travel Bags, $39.99

Marc Jacobs for Target+Neiman Marcus, Gold Pouch, $69.99

Marc Jacobs for Target+Neiman Marcus, Gold Pouch, $69.99

Tory Burch for Target+Neiman Marcus, Beverage Container, $24.99

Tory Burch for Target+Neiman Marcus, Beverage Container, $24.99

I know it is only Wednesday, but I am desperately looking ahead to this weekend because my mom, sisters and myself are heading north to Minneapolis for a little girls getaway weekend. Being the hyper-organized person that I am, I have of course mapped out our every move and created a ‘must hit’ store list. On it are the likes of Lululemon, Nordstrom Rack, HomeGoods, Bibelot and, of course, H&M.

With particular regard to H&M, I have even taken it (my crazy) a step further and put together a ‘lust list’ just for this store. I hope I can find all of these a-mazing items…

HM Lust List

[necklace, flats, top, cardigan, sweater]

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4 Responses to Lust list: H&M

  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Hope you gals have a great time together, of which I have no doubt. I just hope your mom’s knee holds up so she can get all her “bargains” & really enjoy the trip, ~ knowing her, she’ll do great. I think it is so cool that you are all spending a “girls weekend” trip together. I’m jealous!!!! Wish I had 3 beautiful daughters like you 3 to spend a special time with. My sister is so blessed to have such a close and cool relationship with all of you. I love it and all of you!! Be careful & have a safe trip ~ come home safe and sound.

  2. Gina smith says:

    I’m in a hotel right now mere steps from the mall of America. You’ve provided me w inspiration for my visit tomorrow! Thank you!

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