To-do list Tuesday

Weekend warrior update: My how the weekend flies when you are running around the entire time. Can we do that over again?

After a run in the rain on Saturday morning, I decided to get to work on decorating my pumpkin that will go along with a silent auction item for Scare Us Hill. My sister-in-laws and myself are auctioning off a Little Girl Terrace Hill Tea Party for 10 lucky ladies to be held in the dining room of the mansion.

Princess pumpkin

Princess pumpkin – a work in progress.

On Sunday morning I had the chance to catch up with my high school gal pals over coffee and brunch at an idyllic location – my friend’s new house that looks like it should be sitting among the mountains. How cute is her little guy?!

High School reunion brunch

My lady friends [photo courtesy of the hostess, Jenny – far right]

After tearing myself away from all the gossiping I headed up to Boone, only to miss out on most of the chili cook-off (although I heard the white chili was the winner). While there we got to go through storage rooms filled with things my in-laws had collected over the years, including these gems:

Baby boy for Branstad

Baby Branstad and Chris at the Capitol

Marcus Branstad, resident trouble maker

After a trip down memory lane I was off again – this time towards Terrace Hill to do a little mock decor set-up for a Scare Us Hill interview we had today. We are just a few weeks away from the event and I’m definitely getting excited!

Scare Us Hill sneak peek

Scare Us Hill sneak peek

I feel like I have a thousand things on my to-do list this week, yet I can’t pin at least a few down to talk about. Guess you’ll just have to play along until I decide what it is I’d like to accomplish this week before my girls trip to Minneapolis this weekend.

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