Spring fever

May the odds be ever in your favor update: I can’t believe I made it until Sunday to see The Hunger Games – and I loved every second of it. Did anyone else about jump out of their seat when the cat/wolf/dog-like mutations came bounding out of nowhere? I literally screamed out loud! Now all I can think about is when the next two will be coming out because there has to be more. I must have more!

Other than my trip to the theater, my weekend consisted of workouts, playing with the Bean, a small shopping trip, a KU victory, patios and Mad Men.

Weekend in pictures

This weather we’re having is giving me spring fever, and I believe the only cure for that is for some ripe berries and colorful blooms. (I almost wanted to put ‘more cowbell’, but didn’t.) So tomorrow, I am going to head out and pick up some fresh produce and a colorful bouquet or two. I think the perfect way to showcase my new arrangements will be cut short and placed in mason jars. So perfect.


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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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