May the odds be ever in your favor

Bag lady update: You know how in magazines they always have a page where stars empty out their purses for us eager onlookers to see what it is that they carry around every day? Well, I thought I would do the same thing for you guys. Pretty exciting stuff here for a Friday!

What's in my bag?

{Longchamp Le Pilage, Chanel sunnies, Missoni for Target mini journal (my calendar), Marc by Marc Jacobs neoprene case (for my iPhone), Coach wallet (similar),  Patagonia Reusable bag, Michael Kors rollerball, Smith’s Rosebud salve, Starbucks gift cards (can never have too many of these!), Coach wristlet (similar) with vintage bee pin (similar), No-Crack hand cream, Coach keychains (similar)}

After waiting for about a month, Marcus finally received his official photo with the President and First Lady from his trip to D.C. (mentioned here). Such a great memento from a very memorable evening for him.

White House lovin'

White House lovin'

After months of waiting the time has finally come – The Hunger Games premiere of course! I devoured the books first and then urged both my mom and Morgan to read them too. I’m glad I did, because now I have two joiners for Sunday’s matinée. Popcorn for lunch anyone?


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