March Madness

Quinoa comin’ up update: Springing forward this weekend was definitely a double-edged sword for me. I was really getting used to having the sun up in the morning the past couple of weeks because it definitely helped me shed the covers quicker. But I will say, I am looking forward to it being lighter later. It makes you feel like to you can still get things accomplished after the work day is through.

So without further adieu, my weekend recap in photos and here’s to getting things accomplished in the week ahead.

Weekend in review via pics

Fresh flowers from Trader Joes, sushi with the Bean, Sunday morning breakfast, a sweet spread, Karl begging, March Madness and Mediterranean Quinoa Salad.

This week starts one of my favorite times of the year – March Madness. Do you fill out a bracket? I definitely do and I’ll share mine with you tomorrow.

Men's bracket

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