Quinoa comin’ up

Mini DVF update: Lookie at what I found flipping through my April issue of Lucky magazine. Loving the bold and bright prints for the wee ones. I probably shouldn’t buy a DVF outfit for my unborn and un-conceived child, right?

DVF for Gap ad

After Iowa State’s devastating loss last night, my sister and bro-in-law decided to come home from the Big 12 Tourney early (after watching KU play horribly tonight) which meant we didn’t get to stay overnight with the Bean, but we did get to hang out with her and put her down to sleep. I am biased because she is my sister’s child, but man, is she cute!

Me and my baby Bean.

Me and my baby Bean.

Not a whole lot going on this weekend (which never happens) so I think I may try out a new recipe that I found on Pinterest (where else?) the other day for Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls. How delish does this look?!

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl

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1 Response to Quinoa comin’ up

  1. Quiqui says:

    I have to check out the DVF/Gap collection. Your niece is very cute!!!!

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