Winter wear

Package perfect update: Seriously, this has been the longest week EVER! On Wednesday I could have sworn it was Friday. That is never a good sign.

You would think with such a loooonnngggg week (and without Marcus being in town) that I would’ve had plenty of time to get the favors all put together and packaged up…but I didn’t. Maybe next week.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of the Bean (with her new pigtails) teaching us what a doggie does. If you can’t tell, she is panting like a dog. Oh, and yes that is the dog’s leash around her neck. Such a little ham.

Tomorrow we will be making our way up north to Ames for our friends’ wedding. Hoping the snow holds off until after we’ve made it back home safely, but packing my Uggs and a change of clothes just in case. Winter parties can be tricky like that. Best way to tackle a winter wedding? Dresses with sleeves with the option to add tights, like these:

Gianni Bini, Ovid dress, $41.30

Kate Spade, Luna dress, $177


ModCloth, Forget Me Haute dress, $69.99


M.S.S.P., Velvet Burnout dress, $51.80

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  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    I love the lbd!

    Loretta xx

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