Package perfect

Rock Chalk update: It was a rough weekend for my Jayhawks, but they can’t play like that and expect to win games. All gripes aside, I did have fun watching the game with my family and spending some time with the Bean.

No Rock Chalk

No Rock Chalk chant this time...

After watching that dismal performance I needed my spirits lifted and they were at the Lady Antebellum concert that night. The opening acts were Thompson Square and Darius Rucker and I am pretty sure Darius stole the show! Hootie and the Blowfish forever.

Lady A tix

The much anticipated Valentine’s dinner is approaching so I think this week I shall work on packaging up the favors. Just need to make sure I have all the right items to tie ’em up perfectly. Here are a few great ideas on how to make take your favors to the next level.


Packaging is everything.

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