And they’re off

Runner love update: After walking through Hobby Lobby’s fabric section (which wasn’t as big as I remembered it) I came up empty-handed. As my mom and I checked out the rest of the store an idea to use ribbon as a runner came to me, so I managed to find a few spools that struck my fancy and I think it’s going to turn out great!

ribbon runner

Who doesn't love a ribbon runner? And when you are done, you can roll it back up and reuse it!

Tomorrow the whole Valentine’s dinner officially kicks off when my invitations get dropped in the mail. I firmly believe that if you are having a dinner party you should go the extra step and send out hard invites. There is something so special about getting it via  snail mail instead of e-mail, don’t you think?

Valentine Dinner invites

All I have to do is cut them down, stuff them into their envelopes and hand address them - then they're ready to go!

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