Colorful co-worker Christmas

Stuffed with love update: The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, with festively wrapped Jif for our Shorthair.

Karl's peanut butter

Karl's favorite

Tomorrow our Marketing and Communications department will be celebrating the upcoming holiday with what we like to call ‘Holiday Cheers.’ During this event we will raise our glasses and toast to 2011 and for even better 2012. Stories will be told and gifts exchanged – you guys already got a sneak peek at mine – so I am all set, but if you are still looking for something for your creative cubicle buddy or quirky boss check these out:

Co Worker gifts

1. Urban Outfitters, Pantone Postcards, $19.95
2. Patagonia, Carry Y’all Bag, $15
3. Land of Nod, Boom Blocks Mini iPod Speaker Dock, $14.95
4. See Jane Work, Spectacle Note Card Set, $11
5. Paper Source, 2012 Letterpress Desk Calendar, $18.50
6. Jonathan Adler, Multi Chevron Thermal Mug, $11.21
7. Echo, Side Bow Touch Gloves, $32

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