Give a little

Gifts, holly and ivy update: The weekends sure do fly by when you are keeping yourself busy. Mine was full of festive fun and a whole lot of running around with my family since Marcus was out of town at deer camp. Yes, there is such a thing.

Here are a few of the many photos I took of one of my favorite seasonal traditions, the Holly & Ivy Tour.

Holly & Ivy - Salisbury House

Salisbury House & Gardens

Holly & Ivy - Sarah Grant

Private home of Sticks owner, Sarah Grant

Holly & Ivy - Terrace Hill

Terrace Hill

Tomorrow I start the hunt for my co-worker gift exchange items. I’d like to get each person a little something special, so this year I’m thinking of doing a “my favorite things” exchange, a-la Oprah. I will pick seven of my favorite things (gender neutral, of course) in the $10-$15 range for my co-workers to choose from and swap/steal. I have a few ideas already in mind, but still need a couple more.

I will share my seven gifts tomorrow, but in the meantime here is my ULTIMATE TOP 10 GIFTS UNDER $15. (Yes, it is possible to give super cute gifts in this price range.)

Gifts under $15

1. H&M, Mobile phone case, $3.95
2. Forever21, Fair Isle Mittens, $6
3. Anthropologie, Painted Amaryllis spoon rest, $10
4. World Market, Stripe boxed note cards (set of 20), $12.99
5. J.Crew, Archie Grand for J.Crew notebook, $10
6. Kiehl’s, Ultimate strength hand salve, $13
7. Lululemon, Hair ties, $10
8. Target, gilligan by Gilligan & O’Malley ballet slippers, $12.99
9. West Elm, Alphabet mug, $6
10. Kate Spade, Stripe dot back knee high socks, $15

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