Gifts, holly and ivy

Doing a world of good update: Have I told you lately that I love my job? Well, I do, and the people I work with. I had such a blast at my work holiday party tonight. Nothing like sipping an adult beverage with your 40-hour-a-week friends to kick off a festive holiday weekend. And to top it off, my table won the trivia game and I walked out of there with a free casual day sticker. Booyah!

sequin party top

It's true, when you wear sequins you have more fun!

I have got a few things already on tap for tomorrow. First up, an early morning outing to (hopefully) snag some free gifts from Lite 104.1’s Day of 1,000 Presents giveaway at Jordan Creek Town Center. If I don’t get the $1,000, then I think I would like the passes and ski rentals at Seven Oaks Recreation.

Lite 104.1 Day of 1,000 Presents

And after that, I am heading with my moms (real and in-law) for the 15th Annual Holly & Ivy Tour. We went last year, and I am just as excited to relive it again. This year the stops are Terrace Hill, Salisbury House, the Chamberlain home at Wesley Acres, and the private home of Sticks owner and Founder, Sarah Grant. The event runs through Sunday, and I highly recommend it!

Holly & Ivy

Hope you have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Gifts, holly and ivy

  1. D Magazine says:

    I zero’d right in on your bag! Love it! It looks just like mine except my Bolide’s stitching is the same color as the bag. (:^)

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