O Christmas Tree

Give thanks update: After eating copious amounts of tasty food yesterday, then caffeinating myself enough to head out to the stores for some serious deals via Black Friday, I am in much need of some rest.

It all started out on Thursday morning with an impromptu jaunt to Bass Pro Shop to snag some hunting gear for Markie that was going to be on sale starting at 8 a.m. Straight from there I headed to the Thanksgiving Day Proclamation at Plymouth Church. Such a neat event, and a trip down memory lane for Marcus and his siblings who used to go as kids.

Camo and pilgrims

Camo and pilgrims.

From there we headed home for a quick change in order to put on some elastic pants – or in my case, jeggings. Love those things! Then it was off to my sister and brother-in-law’s house for our first feast of the day. I showed up and lo and behold, the Bean and I are both wearing plaid flannel. Too cute!

What? You don't do scratch tickets on Thanksgiving?

What? You don't do scratch tickets on Thanksgiving?

After we finished off the last bite of pastacina and my mom’s famous mashed potatoes, we were off to turkey number two at Terrace Hill. I managed to save a little room for some corn casserole and a cookie or two but that was about it. We did our annual Christmas gift exchange to get everyone into the holiday spirit and then it was time for me to hit the road for some bargain shopping.

Thanksgiving at T.Hill

Thanksgiving at T.Hill

Black Friday is something that my mom, sisters and I have been doing over the past five or so years, and we have countless memories from each outing. This year was no different. Morgan and I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few toys and in the process witnessed complete and utter madness. We were able to snag one of the toys and decided it wasn’t worth a broken arm or black eye for the others. So off to Target we went to join my mom and Marissa who were already in line waiting for the doors to open at midnight. Once inside we managed to grab all of the things we needed and hit the checkout in record time. From there on things get hazy – Kohls, Hy-Vee, Younkers, another Target, Old Navy, Dunham’s. I finally managed to get home and in bed at 5:15 a.m. What a day!

Becky has two at Southridge!

Becky has two at Southridge!

After failing to sleep in today, I was off once again but this time to get our Christmas tree. So that is what is on my to do list for tomorrow: trimming the tree and the rest of the house for the holiday season.

Can wait to dress 'er up!

Can wait to dress 'er up!

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