Give thanks

Braid it, baby update: I was a little concerned about the braided crust, but for a first-timer, I’d say it turned out pretty well. I just cut off the extra dough around the edges once it was placed in the pie dish and used that for the braid.

Pumpkin pie with a braid on the side.

Pumpkin pie with a braid on the side.

And while the pie was cooking I managed to steal another Pinterest idea for the relish tray I have to bring for the second Thanksgiving get-together tomorrow afternoon. It was so cute, I just had to do it. Plus, I think my nieces will love it!

Gobble, gobble.

It’s hard to believe another Thanksgiving is here. This year I am especially thankful for:

My handsome husband

My handsome husband,

Our furry baby boy, Karl.

our furry baby boy, Karl,

My growing family, especially the Bean.

my growing family - Love you Bean,

My new family.

my new family,

and, of course, the countless blessings we receive daily. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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2 Responses to Give thanks

  1. Laura Gaulke says:

    Hello Mrs. Branstad! It looks like you are having a wonderful marriage so far. As always, love your ideas and your zest for life. Hope your job is going well. We still need to do lunch some time 🙂 I baked four pumpkin pies this year… yours looked incredible!

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