Mums, tomato soup and steins

Little Lex update: Just had to share the pictures from Alexis’ first birthday that took place earlier this week. I love all of my little nieces – too cute!

Lex's birthday

Love my nieces!

This week flew by, mostly because things were pretty busy at work. I don’t talk that much about work, not because I don’t like it, but because work is work and this blog is more about the personal side of me. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with and if you are interested in it, you can check out the other blog that I work on – Dose of DMU.

This weekend is the inauguration of Des Moines University’s new president, Dr. Angela Franklin, so we were all a buzz with that. Actually, tonight in conjunction with all of the inaugural events, was the Run DMU 5k. A few of my co-workers decided to participate and show some “school spirit”. The route wound us through the hills and beautiful homes south of Grand. Ok, so maybe we didn’t run all of it, but man, those were some seriously steep hills!


Run DMU, well, more like "speed walk and sometimes jog" DMU.

Since today is the autumnal equinox, I plan on spending my weekend doing all sorts of fall activities. On tomorrow’s to do list: Downtown Farmer’s Market, cooking fresh tomato soup with gourmet grilled cheeses for the family and then head down to Oktoberfest and celebrate with my fellow Germans.

Welcome to fall

Welcome to fall

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