Little Lex

BFF is here update: Stupid internet – so annoying. This was supposed to be posted last night, but what can you do.

What another great family filled weekend. Beaverdale Fall Fest followed by a fabulous Sunday morning, a soccer game in the rain and a few new recipes.

Beaverdale Fall Festival

The Fall Fest never fails!

Sunday mornings

Sunday breakfast compliments of my dad, Sid's invites - the finished product, and my boy Karl snuggled up on the couch. Pretty good Sunday, huh?

Mack's soccer game

Mackenzie didn't care for soccer shorts, so instead opted for a soccer skirt. Such a little trendsetter already!

Traditional Lasagna

Sunday night dinner - Taste of Home's Traditional Lasagna

Scrumptious Apple Pie

After dinner treat - The Pioneer Woman's Scrumptious Apple Pie

Tonight I had a little ‘me’ time so I joined my friend Molly for a little mani/pedi action. I used two of my fave colors:

Fall Nail Polish

Hands: Essie BFF Best Boyfriend, Tootsies: OPI Midnight in Moscow

Tomorrow is my niece Alexis’ first birthday and we are celebrating with her favorite meal: chicken, rice and beans. One year olds are so funny!

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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