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Bye, bye stye update: I was so stye-crazed yesterday that I forgot to mention that Marcus swung by Joseph’s Jewelers yesterday to pick up our wedding bands. YIPPEE! When I met up with him after work he had already busted his out and was wearing it around  – trying to get a feel for it. He’s a little jealous that I’ve gotten to wear my engagement ring for over a year now pronouncing to everyone that I’m getting married. He thinks guys get the shaft – that because they don’t have a ring on (or some other identifiable object) that they don’t get all the extra attention. Sounds like something a youngest child would say, right?! Well honey, the wait is almost over and in two short weeks you’ll get to walk around wearing that ring loud and proud!

Tonight we met up with my parents after work at Splash for a few happy hour cocktails and oysters on the half shell. I highly encourage you to visit. Even if you don’t like oysters, they have plenty of other $5 appetizers to choose from, as well as a $5 happy hour cocktail menu.

Splash Seafood

Splash Seafood, 303 Locust, Des Moines

Tomorrow morning I will make the trek over to my parents house again to continue working on wedding stuff. I’m trying to get as much done this weekend and humanly possible so that next weekend isn’t so jam-packed full of stress. We will be finishing up the ceremony programs and packing up all the wedding decor that I have on hand that will need to be transported to Terrace Hill for set up. On top of that, I need to create the seating arrangement poster that will be set up on an easel for guest to view, along with the escort cards that’ll need to be tied on to all of the honey jars. Not sure there are enough hours in the day!

On top of all that, Marcus and I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow afternoon in Grimes. They are first time parents and are having a little boy in a little less than a month. Actually, the husband is one of our ushers for the wedding and we are just hoping that the baby waits to come until after the nuptials.

I picked up something for the little tyke off of their Babies R Us registry, but if you are into getting something personalized or different from the typical baby gift check out The Corner Stork. These are a few of my absolute favorite baby boy gifts they feature:

“Sweet Tee” Three Piece Golf Layette Set

“Sweet Tee” Three Piece Golf Layette Set, $24.95

"Let the Fin Begin" Terry Shark Robe

"Let the Fin Begin" Terry Shark Robe, $29.99 (Can be personalized)

Front Loader Tractor Bank

Front Loader Tractor Bank, $19.95 (Can be personalized)

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