Bye, bye stye

Noise notes update: Tonight we traipsed around south of Grand to reach out to the neighbor-inos and if they weren’t there we left them cute little “noise notes”. We actually only talked to two homeowners and ended up leaving notes for the rest. This was my favorite house that we stopped at. L-O-V-E the bold door color choice!

Orange door

Throughout the entire wedding process I have had an elevated level of stress, which I figure is pretty common in brides especially if they are planning every last detail. But what I wasn’t prepared for was getting my very first stye a couple of days ago, and just two weeks before our big day. I’m trying not to freak out and I have been doing all sorts of self-doctoring today. Guess that’s just another thing to add to the prayer list. You can find me applying warm, wet compresses 3-6 times a day until it goes away. Has anyone else had one? Any other home remedies you’d suggest for a desperate bride?

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