Made for moms

Unwine-d update: I did get some painting done tonight. Not much, just another coat of white on the already primed boards. The “watching paint dry” part just takes forever and you can’t move on until it is done. So once the painting for the evening was done, Marcus and I enjoyed a bottle of Duckhorn Paraduxx. Highly recommend.

Earlier today at the office something pretty fabulous happened. Our department director was given a ‘thank you for your business’ gift. And this gift just so happened to be warm chocolate chip cookies baked just an hour earlier and delivered in the cutest pseudo pizza box to her door. How I have never heard of this glorious company I don’t know, but today was the day I was introduced to Tank Goodness. This is stuff dreams are made of people. Just out of the oven gooey cookies with the option of sending a gallon of milk along too – I must be dreaming! I highly recommend you sending them to someone who could use a little baked lovin’!

Tank Goodness

Tank Goodness, 515-343-7388

Tomorrow is my future mother-in-law’s birthday and we are all gathering for a family dinner at Terrace Hill. Of course she has asked for everyone not to bring gifts, but in my defense, I already had it in advance of her request. So she’s getting it anyway.

Got a mom-in-law and need a gift? I love these:

Specimen vase

C.S. Post, Specimen Vase, $27


Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs, Monogrammed jute carry-all, $32

Kate Spade

Kate Spade, Larabee dot neda, $77 on sale

Le Creuset trivet

Williams-Sonoma, Le Creuset trivet, $60

Reisenthel basket

Reisenthel, Collapsible European market tote, $40

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