Board with painting update: Wow, I really must dislike painting these boards because I totally avoided working on them tonight. All it took was a call from my sisters after work letting me know that they were both at our parents’ house for dinner. Oh, and the baby was there too. What can I say, I’m easily swayed. But I vow tomorrow night I am coming home right after work to get going on them!

Local joint plug: My co-workers and I hit up Bagni di Lucca today for lunch, and I just can’t get over how good their veggie pizza is. It rocks my world!

Bagni di lucca

Bagni di Lucca, 407 E. 5th Street, Des Moines

But I did pick up my dress for our stock the cellar couples shower this weekend. Check it out – swanky, eh?

Satin dress

I might be slightly overdressed, but it's MY shower - so who cares!

And speaking of the stock the cellar couples shower that is taking place on Saturday night – tomorrow I need to wrap the gift we picked up for the host and hostess (Marcus’ brother and sister-in-law). I can’t show the gifts, but I will say that since it is a wine and champagne themed gathering, I think it’s appropriate to keep the present in line with the theme.

I love these gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.

Wine and dine plate

Crate&Barrel, Wine and dine plate, $8.95

Wine cork tray kit

Red Envelope, Wine cork tray kit, $39.95

Recycled wine bottle platter

Uncommon Goods, Recycled wine bottle platter, $18

Chancellor wine coaster

Pottery Barn, Chancellor wine coaster, $19

Vacu Vin party people glass markers

Sur la table, Vacu Vin party people glass markers, $6.95

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