Striped sips

Honeymoon hottie update: Where did the weekend go?! As far as I’m concerned the weather can just stay like this from here on out. Well, minus the wind of course. While Marcus was out of town for his bachelor weekend festivities, I worked Karl pretty hard with four walks in 48 hours. As I type he is at the bottom of the bed passed out. One of those walks was with the bean (Sidney) and my sister. She loved it! When I wasn’t walking about the town, I spent some time in the garage working on the bag game sets. This weekend I primed both sets and painted them with a base coat of white high gloss paint. Things are taking shape, and I’m hoping to get some time sometime this week to continue the process.

The bean loved the walk!

Primed and painted.

A little afternoon photo shoot with my son Karl.

On tomorrow’s list of things to do is to place an order for paper straws for our vodka lemonades at the wedding reception. I’ve been seeing these and swizzle sticks all over the wedding blogosphere.

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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