Honeymoon hottie

Memories of the way we were update: Foto Friday was a success and so was April Fools Day. We totally got one of my co-workers good! He always leaves his keys in his door knob throughout the day, so while he was at a meeting this afternoon we took them and moved his car to another parking lot on campus. It was a genius prank.

Foto Friday

Can't wait until we do the awkward years...

Now that warmer weather is on the way and we are under 60 days until the wedding I am starting to think about my honeymoon attire. What? I’m planning for the wedding, what makes you think I wouldn’t plan for honeymoon in its entirety. I’m thinking J.Crew meets nautical in Nantucket with pops of color. Here is my honeymoon outfits inspiration:

Kate Spade

Kate Spade, Villa Adelle Tunic, $265


J. Crew, Weekend Dress, $88


Boden, Stripy Tunic, $58


Forever21, Nautical Stripes Tunic, $8.80

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