My Sick Valentine

Shower Regularly Update: After our little trip to Kitchen Collage (yes, I managed to make it out of there with only the shower gift, and did you know they’ll deliver your gift to the couple?!), we headed on over to Bagni di Lucca in East Village to try out their new breakfast menu. I had heard via tweet that they were now going to be serving breakfast on Saturday mornings, so Marcus and I headed on over. He had the breakfast pizza and I indulged with the french toast. Both were nothing less than amazing.

Horrible phone pic - but good to the last bite!

We also celebrated another baptism this weekend. This time is was Marcus’ niece Sofia, and she couldn’t have possibly been cuter. We all headed over to T.Hill after the Mass for some great food and good company.

3/4 of the Costa/Branstad Gals

Although I was very busy this weekend, I have also been getting progressively sicker. BOOO! I’m still surprised I haven’t lost a lung yet from all the hacking I’ve been doing. My “to do” for tomorrow is the mend myself. That might include a trip to the doc at this rate. Not exactly the way I’d imagined spending my Valentine’s Day this year, but I have to get better before Thursday because we are heading out west to San Fran for the weekend. More on that tomorrow! I’m going to try to get some uninterrupted shut-eye (fingers crossed).

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