Shower Regularly

Malentine Update: Of course I’ve already gotten Marcus his Valentine’s gifts. Pretty sure I picked up two of the items last August. When I see something I think he might like, I just get it and put it away for later. You’ll have to wait until Monday to see what he got…

Tomorrow will be my usual wedding-filled Saturday. I will be continuing to get all paper and DIY aspects for the big day taken care of in advance. There is another part of getting married that I quite enjoy – getting to have bridal showers. I loved the process of registering for gifts, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check my registry every day. I have an upcoming bridal shower for someone that I won’t be able to attend, so tomorrow I am setting out after pilates to purchase something for them off their registry.

I will be hitting up the local kitchen store, Kitchen Collage, in East Village to pick out a few things for them. This couple actually eloped to Vegas and got married last August, and are now having a reception here in Des Moines this June.

Kitchen Collage is a dangerous store for me because it is packed with uber cute essentials that anyone would want to have. I’m going to have to restrain myself from picking up a little shower gift for myself while I’m doing my shopping.

Kitchen Collage, 430 East Locust Street

A few of my Kitchen Collage favorites:

Pillivuyt, Cow Creamer, $26

Le Creuset, Halo Teakettle, $55

J K Adams, In Drawer Knife Holder, $42.99

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