Don’t Diss the Mantel

Groundhog’s Day Proposal Update: What an amazing dinner with such great hosts. Kirk & Amy – you truly are the best and the chocolate cake and coffee ice cream was out of this world!

The beautiful fresh floral arrangements around the house.

Loved this nook bar in the corner of the dining room. I want one!!

The first gift we have received off of our registry. Classic Serving Set from Pottery Barn.

Chocolate cake and homemade coffee ice cream. Unbelievable!

I’m still gathering things together for the big Valentine’s Dinner this Saturday at Terrace Hill. We will be in the Grand Dining Room on the first floor, and I am doing all the decorations. Within the room is a fireplace with a beautiful and ornate mantel. My task for tomorrow is to go out and find some red candle holders to decorate the mantel with. I think I will have the best luck at Hobby Lobby.

Here is an inspiration board of ideas on how to dress up your own mantel:

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