Groundhog’s Day Proposal

Everything is Rose-y Update: The dry-run is complete and here is what the arrangements are going to look like. The roses were purchased from Trader Joe’s – $5.99 per dozen. WHAT A GREAT DEAL! (Hint, hint to any gentlemen who are looking for flowers on Valentine’s Day – cough, Marcus) I did use floral foam to keep the roses in place within the glass. I can’t wait to see how the table turns out this weekend!

It is hard to believe, but tomorrow is our one year engagement anniversary. Yes, we have been engaged for over a year! Some days it feels like we’ve been engaged FOR-EV-ER (‘Sandlot’ style), and other days it feels like it has gone by in the blink of an eye.

We are celebrating this momentous occasion with a dinner party over at a family friend’s house with both our parents. I am really looking forward to it, and the dessert they are known for – homemade coffee ice cream.

The dinner isn’t even here and I’m already thinking about a hostess gift or thank you to send to them afterward. I think the art of the ‘thank you’ is dying a slow death and I am taking it upon me to bring it back!

Have you been to a dinner party lately or stayed at a friend’s house? Did they go out of their way to accommodate you? If so, maybe you should think about sending them a little thank you note, or perhaps a nice host/hostess gift., custom ice buckets, $78

Target, Caldrea Signature Candles, $14.99

Pottery Barn, Monogram Italian White Pitcher, $59

Williams-Sonoma, Set of 4 Towels, $18

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