Table Wine

Light ‘Er Up Update: What a wedding-tastic weekend! I spent 12 hours on Saturday (10am – 10pm) working on all sorts of wedding related projects. Actually, as I type this portion of the blog post I am currently at my parents house printing out 350 crossword puzzles. I did have a little help as you’ll see from the pictures below.


My Helpers

As we continue to plan for the big day, I constantly thinking ahead to the part where I actually get to sit down and have a glass of champagne or wine at the wedding. Although I don’t know if that will happen. But I like to imagine that I might get to at least have 10 minutes to drink a glass of sparkling wine whilst sitting back and taking it all in. Here’s to dreaming…

Next up on the list is to start trying some wines for our wedding. Since we are using our own venue we aren’t restricted to get our “adult beverages” through a catering company. Which I continue to remind my father is saving us a TON OF MONEY. Here are a few labels that caught my eye while walking through World Market today. I tried to stick with a yellow theme. Tomorrow we’ll pop a few corks and try them out!

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