Light ‘Er Up

Sushi for Me, Sushi For You Update: I don’t think I can move I ate so much sushi. Thank goodness I’ve got my alarm set to make that 8am pilates class tomorrow morning!

Stuffed with sushi!

After pilates tomorrow morning I have a day full of wedding stuff to work on over at my parent’s house. I’ll be continuing to work on the table county cards, printing off the reception cards that will be part of the invitation and also finalize and print the crossword puzzle that will be tucked into pocket napkin folds at each place setting. And that is just the beginning! I also received an updated quote for our flowers this week, so I’ll need to sit down with George Banks (my dad) to review it. Good times.

Along with the floral quote, I received the tent lighting quote that we’ll need to go over. Having a tented wedding gives you a blank canvas to work with, so I have decided to spruce things up a bit with some atmospheric lighting compliments of the professionals over at CLE Lighting.

Below is a little inspiration for the kind of tent lighting I’m thinking of:

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