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If The Shoe (Clip) Fits Update: After pilates on Saturday morning (yes, we got to keep our class and have a new instructor!) I popped in to Michael’s Craft Store to check out their ribbon and possibly get some clips to accessorize a pair of my shoes. Shoe clip brainstorming has started. Not sure if I’m going to go with the flowers or a polka dot bow. What do you guys think would look best? We also knocked out some printing. Recipe cards (which will serve as our guest book), invites and the RSVP cards are done. Now all my mom has to do is cut them – THANKS MOM, YOU’RE THE BEST!!! Here are some pics of this afternoon’s accomplishments.

I know it’s a little early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, but I am. Mostly because Marcus has decided that he wants to host a dinner for a group of friends and family at Terrace Hill. He and his buddies have an affinity for cooking extravagant meals, and us significant others aren’t complaining. All we have to do is show up, sit back and enjoy.

Except this dinner I have decided to put on my party planner/decorator hat. The wheels are turning and I’ve already started to gather ideas and items to make this Valentine’s Dinner memorable. I plan to send out hard invites this week so I’ll be sharing them with you shortly. In the meantime I have picked a theme to work from- wine.

Here’s a little inspiration board I’ve put together of my ideas for the Valentine’s Dinner tablescape:

Vino for two or fifteen.

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2 Responses to Be Mine

  1. Morgan Haas says:

    Still think it’s bogus that I wasn’t invited. Save me some dessert??

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