If The Shoe (Clip) Fits

Pretty Paper Update: Well, I was planning on starting the printing process tonight over at my parents, but we didn’t exactly get around to it. I thought it was just going to be me going over to work on wedding stuff, but it turned into an entire family event. After dinner my mom and sister sat down with me and finished labeling and ribboning the honey jar favors. While having a glass of wine of course. I am a firm believer that DIY projects are best done with a little vino! I didn’t get as much done tonight as I thought I was going to, but I’ll be over again on Sunday to knock out some invite printing. Plus, who could possibly be stressing out over wedding projects when you could be spending time with this cute little bean!!!

My niece Sidney's first time in her Bumbo chair.

I have always loved a good blog, but since being engaged and planning our wedding I have become obsessed with bridal blogs. My two favorites are Snippet&Ink and Style Me Pretty. I check them daily for inspiration and am incorporating a few of my finds into my own big day.

I love to look at photographs from other peoples’ weddings to see what they did, what they wore, and how they decorated. There are so many great ideas to pull from these sites not only for your wedding, but for any event or party you might be throwing.

Recently, I have been noticing some uber-colorful bridal shoes featured in the posts. Brides are opting for a pop of color under their gorgeous gowns, and it has me thinking that the pair of shoes I ordered already might be to ‘blah’ for me.


My current wedding shoes...

So after seeing these bright pops of color on other brides’ tootsies, I’ve decided to try a little DIY project this weekend. I am going to try and make some shoe clips to go on another pair of shoes that I already own. They don’t get nearly as much ‘wear’ time as they should, but if the clips turn out OK, I think they’d be super cute under my dress. Tune in later for some before and after pics…

Here are a few pics from Etsy (LOVE LOVE LOVE) to get an idea of what I’m thinking:

Etsy, Lemonring, $17

Etsy, MissRubySue, $35 (#8 or #11 would be a perfect match!)

Etsy, LushSugar, $40

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