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Hey Mambo Update: Marcus and I arrived at Lucca early to imbibe in some pre-dinner beverages at the bar. He had a glass of their house Malbec and I went with a Pomegranate-Lemon Drop Martini. Both did not disappoint and it was a nice chance for us to catch up on the day’s events. Our friends arrived shortly after and we were seated immediately behind the open kitchen. After going over the refined menu with our waiter we placed our order and settled in for some lively conversation and culinary excellence. Everyone at the table enjoyed what they ordered, but I think the biggest hits were the pork shoulder and the pan-seared scallops. We were too full for dessert, and decided to have some digestifs at another one of our favorite spots, the Cosmopolitan Lounge at the Suites of 800 Locust. I can’t think of a better way to end a great evening catching up with friends than with an irish coffee or a Grand Marnier in a swanky, low-lit lounge. Man, I love Des Moines and all it’s hidden treasures!

Suites at 800 Locust, Irish Coffee compliments of Sherry Waner

Tomorrow I have a follow up meeting over lunch with our wedding florists, Libby Becker and Breaca Lozier. I met with them earlier on in the planning process and have already nailed down the wedding party’s flowers as well as the ceremony decor at the church. We are sticking with mostly yellows and whites for the arrangements. I have decided to keep things relatively simple at the church (St. Augustin’s in Des Moines) since it is already such a beautiful place.

This meeting we will start discussing the reception centerpieces and overall ambiance. Since we have decided to go with an outdoor tented wedding in the spring, I know flowers are going to be a big part of it…and so will praying for good weather!

Inspiration for my meeting:

White & Yellow Perfection

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